Environmental Policies of the Digi Consult Group
We believe that, given the increasingly serious nature of global environmental problems, we must address these as management issues and work to resolve the environmental problems facing the world and society.
The Digi Consult Group, which applies information technology to create new paradigms, contributes to environmental protection by providing systems and solutions that can replace or alleviate the need for actual movement of people and goods. At the same time, recognizing the major impact of business activities on the environment, we are promoting an ongoing and planned approach to environmental protection, so as to realize a society that is in better harmony with the earth even as it enjoys the abundance of modern life.

1.Environmental considerations in conducting business
The Digi Consult Group is working to lessen the environmental impact of our business activities, setting quantitative goals and targets to the extent possible, and reviewing these periodically as part of an on-going betterment program.
1We are promoting environmentally responsible system development.
2We are actively carrying out green purchasing.
3We are working to prevent pollution and limit resource use, by implementing policies for saving resources and energy, promoting reuse and recycling, and reducing waste.
2.Meeting legal obligations
In carrying out business activities, we observe all applicable environment-related laws and other agreements and obligations.
3.Raising awareness
Through environmental education and environmental and social contribution activities for our employees and partners, we are enhancing and boosting recognition of environmental awareness activities.
4.Promoting communications
We work proactively to promote environmental communications to stakeholders both within and outside the Digi Consult Group.