1. Feasibility study
A study for the purpose of analysing the supply and demand of the products or services to be marketed.

2. Positioning Study
The Positioning Study consists of analysing related phrases or words in order to establish the positioning of the Webshop and that of competitors.

3. Project Execution
Project Execution consists of providing consultancy services, structuring, designing and programming the Webshop, based on the feasibility and positioning studies.

4. Connection to ERP
We synchronise the Webshop on-line with ERP in order to automatically and instantly update products, prices, stocks, orders… The combination of the MONTAWEB.com Webshop technology and ERP technology of IM-PROJECTS (Software ICG) are the best solution. Improjectswww.im-projects.com

5. Application of the SEO and SEM Positioning
We perform maintenance and improvement tasks on the SEO Positioning and start of the SEM Positioning.

6. Online Marketing
We execute the most suitable Online Marketing activities for each project; Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web 2.0, Online Reputation…

7. Web Analysis
Monitoring of user browsing and taking actions to improve the effectiveness of the Webshop.