We shall continue our innovations and contributions utilizing IT to realize a prosperous, sustainable society.
The Digi Consult, as a corporation aiding innovation through IT, will create improved paradigms and contribute to solving human, social and environmental problems.
Material CSR Challenges
Paradigms for society and regional communities

Contributing to society at large through highly reliable, easy-to-use systems and solutions
Contributing to solving the problems that face the regions and countries in which the Digi Consult operates

Paradigms for people at work

Promoting work style innovations for the IT industry as a whole
Striving to cultivate next-generation personnel, while respecting the diversity of human resources

Paradigms for the global environment

Contributing to the greening of customers and society as a whole through IT
Contributing to solving environmental problems, including in the Digi Consult’s activities

We of the Digi Consult strive constantly to keep the public informed of our business activities and outcomes. Additionally, we listen to our stakeholders and incorporate their views to the greatest possible extent, so that we can meet society’s every expectation in regard to the Digi Consult.