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The Digi Consult’s environmental initiatives include not only the basics, such as saving paper, cutting back on waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., electricity consumption) but also an environmental orientation in our development of information systems. Our goal is to continually lessen the environmental impact of our hardware as we develop systems that yield environmental benefits by shortening running time and minimizing the movement of people and things.

Policies for Environmental Protection
Environmental considerations in conducting business, and adherence to laws relating to the environment, are all part of our environmental policies, outlined here.

Framework for Activities
Read about the frameworks we’ve put in place to support our ongoing and systematic efforts to protect the environment: our three priorities, our organizational framework, and our environmental targets.

Employee Education
We’ve undertaken a wide variety of educational programs and implemented group-wide environmental activities to enhance employees’ awareness and understanding of environmental issues.

Green Purchasing
Our efforts to protect the environment begin at the supply-procurement stage. We are committed to using goods and services with a relatively low environmental impact.

The Digi Consult, together with its member companies, is committed to continuous improvement under ISO 14001. To enhance employee understanding and awareness of environmental issues we are pursuing a wide range of initiatives and undertaking environmental protection activities as a group.

Eco-cards displaying our Environmental Policies and group targets are distributed throughout the group. We have employees write in their own departments’ targets and keep the cards with them to enhance their awareness of the group’s environmental efforts.
Environmental Education

In Digi Consult we are dedicated to providing environmental education to ensure that each employee fully understands the meaning and purpose of Digi Consult’s environmental activities and the ISO 14001 environmental management standards, and to enhance their awareness of environmental issues.
Each year we offer a variety of online courses*-environmental basics, a course for environmental managers and advocates, and a course for waste-disposal supervisors-as well as training for internal auditors and training geared to each workplace.
We are working especially hard to raise environmental awareness and further improve activities throughout the group by offering general environmental training at partner firms and group companies that have not received ISO 14001 certification.
*Digi Consult uses its online e-Learning System for a wide range of educational purposes and thereby reduces environmental impacts by curtailing the movement of people and paper consumption during the training process. In fiscal 2007 this system yielded a CO2 reduction benefit of 2,600 tons (98%).
Involvement in Volunteer Community Activities

The Digi Consult stays involved in environmental protection at the community level in a variety of ways, including participation in volunteer community cleanup and forest-conservation projects. In 2008 we participated in “Tokyo Greenship Action” a volunteer forest-conservation program sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Nature hikes and hands-on activities like thinning trees and trimming undergrowth allowed employees to get in touch with nature and reaffirm the importance of protecting the environment.

We shall continue our innovations and contributions utilizing IT to realize a prosperous, sustainable society.
The Digi Consult, as a corporation aiding innovation through IT, will create improved paradigms and contribute to solving human, social and environmental problems.
Material CSR Challenges
Paradigms for society and regional communities

Contributing to society at large through highly reliable, easy-to-use systems and solutions
Contributing to solving the problems that face the regions and countries in which the Digi Consult operates

Paradigms for people at work

Promoting work style innovations for the IT industry as a whole
Striving to cultivate next-generation personnel, while respecting the diversity of human resources

Paradigms for the global environment

Contributing to the greening of customers and society as a whole through IT
Contributing to solving environmental problems, including in the Digi Consult’s activities

We of the Digi Consult strive constantly to keep the public informed of our business activities and outcomes. Additionally, we listen to our stakeholders and incorporate their views to the greatest possible extent, so that we can meet society’s every expectation in regard to the Digi Consult.

Would you like to work with Spirit at Innovative Technologies?

Due to our increased international activities and growth we are hiring at our offices in London, Copenhagen and Kiev, Ukraine! 
We are looking for the bright, creative new colleagues to strengthen our team. Please find below an overview of our current job vacancies. If there is not a job vacancy in your area of interest, feel free to send us an open application.
What can you expect from us

Digi Consult is growing at a rapid yet focused pace. We started in 2004 with a small office in London, and our company has significantly changed since then. With a focus on talent, teamwork and commitment, we are able to reach optimal performance levels.

We can offer you an interesting job, full of challenges, in an inspiring and international organization.

Our culture is one of our most valuable assets. Our atmosphere is highly informal and our structure flat. This provides our employees with the flexibility they need to be creative, to research their ideas and to act upon them. We offer an ideal working environment for ambitious people who want to reach their full potential and invest their energy to see results.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Digi Consult is committed to a diverse workforce. Our top priority is having great people who can live up to the demanding expectations of our customers and markets. To help you live up to those expectations, we emphasize continuous learning and development, giving you the chance to develop your career.


If you are interested to discuss possibilities, we would appreciate receiving your reaction. You can send your resume and motivation to 

Of course, all information and all contacts are kept strictly confidential.